Here at Pitch and Rudder, we pride ourselves on providing a high quality product at a solid price. We are known for our Custom Challenge Coins, but we make an impressive Custom Military Belt Buckles. We have produced many custom command buckles, Army buckles, Marine, Air Force, Civilian, and over 60 U.S. Navy Custom Rate buckles. Our custom belt buckles range in sizes from 2.5 inches in length to our standard size which is 3.25 inches in length. Making a Custom Belt Buckle has never been easier and one of our customer service team members will walk you through the process. If you have a design in mind, but aren’t yet sure of how to move forward check out our guides here on how to design custom buckles and challenge coins



send us the concept in images or text (or both)

Concept art; we will work hand in hand with you to develop what you are looking for in your command buckle. Developing the plating requirements images, web belt or western back, and 3D detail, once we get this section completed we will push to the CNC image so that you can get a feel of what the buckle will look like prior to the Sample being struck.


we (pnr) will send a initial design concept

Once the concept and CNC is approved we will complete the sample product, this normally takes 10-14 days. During this time, we make samples with various plating requirements to give you options in the production phase.

Custom USS Abraham Lincoln Buckle


Production of custom buckles

Once sample has been approved we will push the buckles into production. If your order requires a sample military buckle to be sent to you it will be completed before mass production starts. 

Production typically takes between 14-21 days.  If the order is large or complex the times may be longer. 

If you need it rushed please let us know. 



Once production is completed we have the factory send it to our warehouse for quality control checks.  Any defective items are sent back to the factory for replacement.    Typically within 24 hours of receipt to the warehouse they will be shipped to you.



We have made it easier than ever to design your own custom belt buckle, click on the tab to #gocustom, and let’s get started making something amazing, if something Semi-custom is more your style take a shop around our marketplace for and all the goodness that it holds if your interested in purchasing a Navy rate belt buckle please visit our store or scroll below.

Now there is a very important aspect of your Custom Military Belt Buckle that your have to consider when you #GOCUSTOM, What type of metal plating are you going to use as a base? It’s important because in 2024 we have several to choose from and what you use can tint the color of the paint applied. So outside of the design, the metal plating is the second most important element of your Custom Military Buckle. Check out our Plating chart and let our Artisans help you fit the metal to the design.

Our buckles are made from zinc die cast process which is stronger and more durable than pewter cast. We have two options for belts, classic web and cloth style military belts and Western style. We also offer mens and womens sizes.
Custom Military Belt Buckles, custom belt buckles

frequently asked question

Cost depends on how many buckles you are ordering, complexity of the design requirements , number of plating options, size, and colors.  

We can help keep your project in your budget by adjusting any number of options.  You will find were 

We do not have a Minimum. Just note that the cost per unit goes up with lower volumes.

Each branch has different requirements for what you can wear with your uniform.  Please consult with current regulations to see what is allowed.

We have our standard Web Belt buckles for Military web belts if you want a wider option for them please let us know.   We also provide Western style standard belt buckles as well.  Please let us know what back you want in your order.  

We offer laser engraving and UV printing options that can customize your buckles around your base design. 

While we can make pretty much any size buckles the most common sizes requested are between 2.75in and 3.5in.  Most requested sizes for buckles is 3.25in wide.

Yes we do.  Please let us know if you need them. 

We include a lot of things that other companies charge for. 

All our buckles are made with the Highest quality materials and processes in mind.  We don’t cut corners to make an extra buck. 

You will find out why our buckles have a longer shelf life than our competitors because we invested in our web back design.  No glued on Web backs.   

We work with you the whole way to make a buckle you will love and get asked about.

Our turnaround time Varies depending on the time of the year. 

Typically from the time that artwork is approved and the payment is made,

On average it takes anywhere between 4-10 weeks to complete.  The time can be quicker but it depends on factory workload, size of order, complexity of the design, and Shipping.  

There are many factors that are beyond our control but we to say it is better to plan ahead than wait until the last minute to make a custom buckle order. 

However, if you need a rush deadline please let us know right away before your order so we can make sure we can finish beforehand. 

No we have designers that can make your idea come to life.  Depending on the design there may or may not be a design deposit required.

Get started on your buckle


PITCH AND RUDDER Custom orders

Making custom quality challenge coins and Military belt buckles are one of our specialties. If you’re interested in getting a designing a custom buckle or Quality Challenge coin for your Division, Command, or Mess we’ve streamlined the process, click the get started link and someone from our design team will be with you within 48 hours to bring your vision to life.

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